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Welcome to Truemedic TRAINING

About Us

After years of working on frontline ambulance and going through a pandemic, two friends and crewmates have decided to make a change and give their colleagues and public chance to achieve their goals. Watching our colleagues in work struggling to progress in their career due to lost apprenticeship or prolonged paperwork was enough to take things into our own hands. We are here to make your progress as fast as possible, giving you honest truth and insight about the industry and train you so well, that you feel confident and eager to fulfil your dreams.

We do not just train and teach, but we also care about our students and making your experience with us as friendly and positive as possible. There is a lot to learn and  we do not promise it will always be easy, but we do promise that once you leave us, you will look back with no regret.

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How We Teach

Here at TrueMedic we have highly skilled instructors that have been working in the industry for over 14 years and have over 60 years of experience, we have a range of skill mix within the company from first aid medic training through to critical care paramedics and even healthcare professionals at the top of their own fields of expertise. TrueMedic is based in Essex where we run regular courses however, we are able to facilitate learning across the country even at your own working premises by sending one of our trainers out to you.


We believe that classroom teaching is the most effective way to learn and improve our skills. We create friendly, fair, and motivational atmosphere with our students. We also strongly believe that our teachers can learn from their studentsand their experiences and knowledge.

Online + Classroom

Part of your course will be online, especially accessing study materials to be able prepare for upcoming classes or exams. Each student will be able to access them via personal student account (currently under construction) which you get on the beginning of your course. You will be able to see any updates and be directly in touch with your teachers.


Certain courses will be available purely as an online option. However, these courses will be opened in a future and will include basic certifications required by your employers such a manual handling, safety awareness etc.


What Our Students Say

I completed a Frec4 annual refresher with TrueMedic and was really impressed with the standard or training and knowledge of the instructors. Its an absolute honour to actually have a paramedic teaching me. Having completed medic courses with other companies and working along side other medics, I can honestly say that this was one of the best medical courses I've attended. The teaching was given at the right level and the instructors were keen to ensure we knew exactly how to do different procedures. Going forward I will use TrueMedic for my annual refresher. They have also offered me different courses to assist in my CPD. Highly recommended company.

Andy Copley ILS course absolvent

Training was great. I have learnt a lot of useful informations and also life saving skills. In my opinion everyone should go through this kind of course to be aware and to use skills in real life situations. Trainers made me feel comfortable, confident and when I didn't understand they found a way to explain it. Can't wait to come back for LVL4

Patrycja Hasan FREC 3 absolvent

I have just spent the last week on my FREC3 course with TrueMedic. What a great week every day is a learning day and that was very true with this professional and knowledgeable team. Streetwise will now be using this team for all our instructors to gain more experience and up skill themselves as well as CPD opportunities. Highly recommended. FREC4 here we come

Martyn Bowie FREC 3 absolvent

First time using TrueMedic for my FREC4 after using a different company before. Wouldn't change a thing. Very helpful and understanding when you may struggle. 100% recommend. Great Guys and Very Knowledgeable.

Rebecca Bailey FREC 4 absolvent

‘I have learnt so much while being here. This will enable me to go further in my career. The course was a very fast pace course, which kept me engaged. I felt comfortable asking questions and everyone made me feel very welcomed. Everyone was extremely supportive and willing to help. The trainers are also very willing to go over anything again and will take more time out of their day to facilitate that. Thank you so much to all the trainers for the knowledge I now hold and for all the support. ‘

Nicole Horncastle FREC 3 & 4 absolvent

‘These trainers are amazing at what they do. I was very comfortable through theory lessons even though I didn’t feel confident. They provide 1 on 1 help at any time. 100% recommended. ‘

Ben Steele FREC 3 absolvent

‘Haven’t had a course so fun yet effective. Trainers are friendly and very knowledgeable with good actual hands-on experience. Couldn’t ask for more and look forward to further training in future. ‘

Max Juggs FREC 3 & 4 absolvent

‘Whilst on the course I felt like I have gained a lot of knowledge and confidence which is going to help me pursue my career of being a paramedic. The trainers have been fantastic with encouraging, engaging and sharing their knowledge with us. They provided fantastic support throughout. All students made each other feel welcome and worked as a group to get each other through the course. ‘

Jade Attfield FREC 3 absolvent

‘Fantastic trainers. Great course which involved so much that I really wouldn’t want to go anywhere else as the trainers are so knowledgeable due to still doing the job daily themselves. ‘

Ricky Attfield – Horncastle FREC 3 & 4 absolvent

‘It was my first time using TrueMedic as a training provider. During the course the instructors are very informative and knowledgeable and are very understanding of people’s needs and learning abilities. I would thoroughly recommend using them for future courses. ‘

Sam Clarke FREC 3 & 4 absolvent

‘Being in classroom after a long time can be scary with dyslexia, but they are amazing and nothing too much trouble. 5 stars ***** ‘

Rebecca Plumb FREC 3 & 4 absolvent

‘Very knowledgeable trainers made me feel really comfortable/confident throughout the course. Would 100% recommend. ‘

Frank Bowler FREC 3 absolvent

Having undergone First aid training before, more beneficial to have trainer who is actually a qualified and very experienced Paramedic, who can relate the theory into real life examples.

Neil Hawes FREC 3 absolvent