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Level 4 Certificate in First Response Emergency Care –FREC 4


1 week


£550 inc. VAT

Minimum Age

18 years


Level 4 Certificate in First Response Emergency Care –FREC 4

This is your ticket to NHS and frontline emergency ambulance. Becoming an Emergency Care Assistant (ECA) or also known as Emergency Care Support Worker (ECSW) will allow to work alongside Paramedics and experienced Technicians to respond to any possible medical emergency you can think of! Taking this route is an exciting experience where only humble and hardworking people will be able to move forward and make a real difference in people’s lives. I wish I could tell you this course will be like a walk in the park, but unfortunately,I cannot do that. One day you will be responsible for someone’s health and looking after those loved ones when they get very ill. As long you are determined to show that you can handle what it takes, I am sure you will not fail.

Course Content

What You Will Learn

You will learn basic medical terms, anatomy and physiology of human body and certain time critical conditions. You will learn how to assess and recognize the severe medical conditions that need to be treated and investigated further in hospital. This is also where it gets more practical, and you will have the opportunity to master basic life support and CPR. This course lasts only 5 days of face-to-face learning in classroom; however, it will be on a higher level than FREC 3. Do not worry whether you are capable of doing it, we will support you wherever it is needed and guide you through your studying. To enrol for FREC 4 you will need to complete FREC 3 and your 118 post course learning hours. If you have been trained on ECA level already you can jump straight on board and complete our FREC pathway, please book your consultation with us to discuss details. To complete this course, students have maximum 12 months.

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