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Level 5 Diploma in First Response Emergency and Urgent Care – FREUC 5


4 weeks + 2 online study days


£3245 inc. VAT

Minimum Age

18 years


Level 5 Diploma in First Response Emergency and Urgent Care – FREUC 5

In simple words you will become Emergency Medical Technician – EMT. Once you qualify many doors will open for you…not only in job opportunities but also for your further progression to become a Paramedic! Every ambulance service is now in dire need of these qualified autonomous clinicians. This course will teach you how to manage severely ill and critically injured patients and be fully responsible for them. Of course, that involves a lot of studying and preparation but if you have already passed FREC 4 or have previous experience, you will find this a fantastic opportunity to move forward. You will be allowed to administer certain drugs and choose an appropriate route for the patient’s definitive treatment. Believe me when I say that every Paramedic needs great Technician by his side. Being in frontline emergency ambulance is not a 1 man/woman job. It is invaluable to have a crewmate who has got your back and you can rely on in any situation. Becoming a great EMT gives you the confidence and experience to take Paramedic pathway in the future!

Course Content

What You Will Learn

This qualification is equivalent to the level of an IHCD Technician. Unfortunately, IHCD is no longer an option or being accepted in UK. Our FREUC 5 course is accepted by majority Trust’s in UK and is very likely to be accepted by all of them in next years. Before you apply for this course, make sure that your future employer will accept FREC pathway to avoid any disappointment. As well as FREC 4, this route will save you a lot of time and energy compared to apprenticeships which are widely offered by ambulance services. Before entering frontline emergency services, you will be required to hold C1 driving licence, then a 4-week blue-light driving award (Level 3 CERAD) which you can either undertake within the organisation or do it on your own if you wish to. Until you achieve all qualifications you will be paid at a trainee Technician or FREC 4 (ECA, ECSW) rate.
After finishing your classes, you will need to complete 750 hours of placement, workbooks, and reflective practice logs. We can find a placement for you and put you in touch with your potential future employer if you wish to as we have great contacts and recommendations to find the right place for you. Please leave us message if you need to discuss details.

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