5 Reasons Why Emergency First Aid Certification is Essential

Do you know first aid is the most crucial life-saving skill, as we don’t know when an emergency can strike? Emergency first aid courses provide knowledge and skills to recognize and respond to a medical emergency. The certification allows you to act as a first responder in critical medical situations where seconds matter. 

But are they worth it? Well, the purpose of First Aid is to provide immediate care to someone suddenly ill or injured. The care is intended to keep the person alive, prevent their condition from worsening, and increase the likelihood of recovery. It’s all true, but there’s much more to First Aid than that.

It is stated that over half a million people die every year due to a lack of knowledge of First Aid in workplaces. TrueMedic Ltd is concerned about the well-being of the people, and we recommend certification in Emergency First Aid course to ensure that you are ready to help when needed. 

This blog post will explain why getting certified in Emergency First Aid is important and how it can benefit you. So let’s dive in.

Why Get Certified in Emergency First Aid

According to a study conducted by the British Red Cross, most adults (85%) lack the knowledge and confidence to respond if someone is not breathing. The study also found that in the UK, only 5% of adults have the confidence and knowledge to assist someone experiencing severe bleeding. [1]

One in twenty people wouldn’t know what to do if faced with a first aid emergency. While working in the workplace or public, it is essential to be prepared and certified in Emergency First Aid. [1] Here are some reasons to get certified in emergency first aid:

1. Confidence And Peace Of Mind

Whether you’re a stay-at-home parent or a busy professional, getting certified in emergency first aid is a great way to boost your confidence and bring peace of mind. 

Knowing the basic principles of first aid and being able to recognize and respond to emergent situations can make all the difference if life throws something unexpected your way. 

From mastering CPR skills to getting hands-on practice with common ailments, first aid courses are designed to provide knowledge and give people the confidence to take action when it matters most. 

Investing the time to take an approach will ensure you know what must be done when an emergency strikes.

2. Legal And Professional Obligation

If you’re looking for a great way to step up your career game, taking a first aid course is the way to go. 

With legal and professional obligations hanging over every workplace or volunteer group, getting certified in emergency first aid makes sense. It can provide extra assurance for potential employers or volunteer coordinators. However, it also helps ensure that any children or vulnerable adults you look after are well protected in case of an accident.  [2]

Knowing how to handle a medical incident can make all the difference if something goes wrong. Emergency first aid certification will boost your career and help you stand out.

3. Saves A Life And Gives You An Edge

The primary purpose of first aid is to save lives. It can also give you an edge in your personal and professional life.

Knowing how to think on your feet and take action is a valuable skill that could make all the difference if you ever face a medical emergency. 

Knowing how to handle strokes, heart attacks, and other medical incidents can mean the difference between life and death. It also helps provide practical skills that will help you easily manage any stressful situation.

First aid courses are not only limited to CPRs or basic medical protocols. They also cover various topics, such as communication, psychology, and leadership skills. [3]

4 .Sense Of Responsibility

Emergency first aid certification gives everyone extra responsibility for our safety and those around us. People certified in emergency first aid know how to properly diagnose medical problems and use the proper techniques to handle a medical emergency. 

And, with what you learn, you will feel better prepared to take the proper steps when something happens since you can stop accidents or reduce the effects of injuries immediately. 

In addition to this heightened sense of responsibility, it also makes it easier for basic everyday situations. Being certified helps you not panic when something unexpected happens while knowing what steps must be taken.

5. Setting The Right Example For Others

Emergency first aid certifications give us the knowledge and skills to help someone more effectively in a medical emergency. But there is something else as well which we get out of it. This surpasses those utilitarian values: the opportunity to set an example for our peers, family, and loved ones. 

When you have your emergency first aid certification, you have impressive standardised proof of your commitment to safety and welfare, the perfect foundation to build a different culture of safe and responsible behaviour in any environment you inhabit. [4]

That same certification can also open up future opportunities to provide healthcare education or volunteer as an emergency response specialist in your neighbourhood. 

How TrueMedic Ltd Helps With First Aid Certification?

TrueMedic Ltd is an accredited emergency first aid certification and training provider in the Uk. We offer in-person classes to help individuals or organisations obtain the necessary certifications. 

Our first aid courses are designed for beginners and advanced learners, so no matter your level of experience, you can find a course that fits your needs.

First aid courses are categorised as Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3, which means that depending on the level, you can get certified for a particular type of emergency. For example, if you take our Level 2 course, you will receive certification in CPR, AED Basic Life Support, etc.

We want to save lives and build resilience, so join us to get your emergency first aid certification today.  With TrueMedic Ltd, you’ll gain the knowledge and skills to help save a life in an emergency. 

Our highly knowledgeable and experienced instructors will confidently guide you through the steps of responding to medical emergencies. Schedule your course now and become certified. Contact us to learn more!


1. Why is it good to have a first aid certificate?

The tools provided help to prevent the patient’s condition from worsening. In certain situations, a lack of immediate primary first aid care can rapidly deteriorate the patient’s condition. With the ability to administer basic first aid, you can help stabilise the patient until emergency medical services arrive.

2. What are the benefits of CPR training?

CPR training can increase the chances of saving someone’s life by significantly lowering the risk of heart, brain, and other organ damage. CPR can also help keep the body oxygenated until medical professionals arrive, further improving the person’s chances of survival.

3 .What is the scope of first aid?

First aid involves applying a consistent set of standards and treatments to victims in a logical order. A first aider performs a victim assessment to identify injuries and then treats and methodically transports the victims while prioritising the most urgent situation or condition. It is essential to remain calm and composed throughout the process.






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