Level 2 Award in Fire Safety: What You’ll Learn and Why It Matters

Fire is unpredictable and can cause significant damage and danger to people and property. That’s why everyone must understand the basics of fire safety to help protect themselves and others in their environment. 

Professional fire-safety certification is highly sought after for many positions, and having a Level 2 Award in Fire Safety can be a valuable credential for job prospects.

Workplace or home, fire safety awareness can be the difference between life and death. Anybody who deals with the public or works in a potentially hazardous environment must understand fire safety and the legislation surrounding it. 

It is not just the safety of your loved one but also the safety of your workplace or property that this course is designed to protect. 

TrueMedic Ltd is a true leader in Fire Safety Training. The Level 2 Award in Fire Safety course will help you understand critical fire safety concepts. This blog explores what you can learn from this course and why it matters.

The Level 2 Award in Fire Safety | A Basic Overview

The Level 2 Award in Fire Safety is a practical course designed to help you understand the principles of fire safety and various methods used to control fire risks. The award consists of two units containing specific learning outcomes and assessment criteria. 

In both units, you will learn about key legislation, how to identify potential fire hazards, and how best to mitigate them. You will also learn how to use firefighting equipment, evacuation procedures, and the importance of an effective fire safety management plan. 

You’ll gain practical experience with real-life scenarios, helping to ensure you can identify and reduce any potential risks quickly and efficiently. It is a comprehensive course that both adults and young people can benefit from regarding safety and employment.

Why Earning Your Level 2 Award in Fire Safety Is Important?

Having a Level 2 Award in Fire Safety can open up many job opportunities, particularly if you want to work in the health and safety sector. It is also essential for anyone who works with the public or is involved in potentially hazardous environments. 

The course offers an excellent foundation for those looking to pursue further qualifications in the fire safety field and empowers you with knowledge and understanding of how to stay safe.

Additionally, understanding the basics of fire safety is essential for everybody, not just those looking for work. Knowing how to avoid risks and what to do in an emergency can protect your home or workplace from potential danger. [1]

Who Is This Course For?

The Fire Safety Training course is suitable for several scenarios. It can be used for:

  • Employee inductions,
  • Refreshing the knowledge of existing staff or as a prerequisite for achieving a level 2 fire safety qualification.

This course is ideal for individuals like:

  • Managers
  • Supervisors
  • Team leaders
  • Fire marshals
  • Staff working in areas with a risk of fire. [4]

The course can also be used as part of the on-program element of the new apprenticeship standards, supporting the knowledge, skills, and behaviours apprentices need to integrate into the workplace effectively.

Learning Outcomes and Course Content For Level 2 Award In Fire Safety

Not only does the course cover fire safety principles, but it also teaches various methods for controlling and reducing risks. TrueMedic Ltd’s Level 2 Award in Fire Safety covers the following topics:

  • Introduction To Fire Safety

Learning to be fire safe can save lives, and the Level 2 Award in Fire Safety is an essential qualification in teaching proper fire safety protocol. 

This course will provide a comprehensive introduction to fire safety, starting with the basics, like how to use emergency exits from buildings and assemble your fire safety plan. Through an understanding of proactive thinking and preparing for dangerous situations, this course will provide a thorough understanding of core fire safety principles.

  • Causes Of Fires In Workplace

The Level 2 Award in Fire Safety is designed to equip learners with the knowledge and strategies to understand the potential causes of fires in a workplace setting. This course covers the elements that create a fire hazard, from combustible material and electrical wiring to heat sources. 

During the learning experience, students receive real-world training on conducting routine checks for potential fire risks and visually evaluating workplace safety. [2]

  • Undertaking A Fire Safety Inspection

In this module, learners explore the fundamentals of inspection and how to correctly conduct fire safety inspections in various workplace settings. 

Learners will understand the elements that need to be checked for and what is expected from them during a fire safety inspection, such as observing any fire exits and sprinkler systems and identifying areas at risk of potential hazards.

  • Fire Safety Legislation

In 2005, the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order was introduced in England and Wales, making it a legal requirement to have proper fire safety measures in place. [1]

This module gives learners an understanding of the legislation and regulations surrounding fire safety and explores how to stay up-to-date with changes in the law. Many of the principles discussed in this module apply to workplaces across the UK, regardless of their size or type.

  • Risk Assessment & Fire Safety Plans

Once a thorough fire safety inspection has been completed and any potential risks identified, it’s essential to have an action plan and measures that can be put in place to reduce the chances of a workplace fire occurring. 

This module covers the fundamentals of risk assessment and how to effectively create, implement and maintain fire safety plans for a given environment. Learners will gain an understanding of the different steps involved in creating these plans, from identifying hazards and assessing risks to implementing preventative measures and training staff.

  • Emergency Procedures & Fire Evacuation

Finally, the Level 2 Award in Fire Safety covers emergency procedures and how to perform a fire evacuation correctly. This module looks at the different types of emergencies that can occur, along with the appropriate responses. 

Learners will be taught how to establish an evacuation route, alert others of potential hazards and handle any hazardous material safely. The course also covers the vital importance of post-fire safety, such as assessing any damage and conducting further inspections. [3]

How TrueMedic Ltd Can Help You Get Qualified With Level 2 Award For Fire Safety

At TrueMedic Ltd, we genuinely have concerns for your safety, so we offer a wide range of fire safety training courses. We are all equipped with advanced tools and techniques to give you a better understanding of fire safety. 

Our Level 2 Award in Fire Safety provides invaluable insight into the legal requirements and how to limit potential risks for workplace fires. This qualification is essential if you are 16 or above and working in the UK. 

The course duration is One day and costs you £50 per person, £750 max group of 16. So if you want to enrol for the fire safety courses, contact us, and we will help you to get qualified for the Level 2 Award in Fire Safety.


1. Why is it essential to know fire safety?

Fire safety measures can prevent injuries and damage to buildings during fires. It is mandatory by law to establish and follow fire safety protocols in the workplace. Doing so is essential for all individuals in the building during a fire emergency.

2. What are the two fundamental principles of fire safety?

We have developed core principles for fire safety that can be followed globally to prevent fires and lessen their impact. These principles include Prevention, Detection and Communication, Occupant Protection, Containment, and Extinguishment.

3. Why is a fire safety policy important? 

To ensure everyone’s safety, it’s essential to have a fire safety policy. This document should be available to all employees and anyone working with you. It will describe potential hazards, ways to prevent risks, and the proper actions to take in case of a fire. Additionally, inform your staff and contractors about the policy, and expect everyone to follow its guidelines.






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