Get Certified with First Response Emergency Care Level 3 Course in the UK

Do you need help with how to respond in an emergency? Get the skills and knowledge necessary for medical emergencies with a Level 3 Certificate in First Response Emergency Care (FREC 3 course). This comprehensive program will offer fundamental theory, practical tactics, and essential abilities that could save someone’s life. 

By taking this course, you will be armed with the necessary knowledge and skills to help save a life in an urgent situation. This FREC 3 program covers fundamental anatomy and physiology, cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), shock handling techniques, medical incident command systems protocols, and many more. 

With such comprehensive training in the course curriculum, you can rest assured that your ability to respond quickly during emergencies will be maximised.

At TrueMedic Ltd, we are devoted to giving you the assurance and expertise required to respond quickly in an unexpected medical emergency. Join us as we provide you with the knowledge and resources needed to handle any health crisis in the UK.

What Is the FREC Level 3 Course?

Would you like to join the frontline emergency ambulance service but need a medical background or qualifications? If so, FREC-3 is perfect for you. Its extensive course material and sophisticated skill set will ensure you answer swiftly and effectively.

FREC 3 can be a response medic in events or the security industry. FREC 3 stands for the Level 3 Certificate in First Response Emergency Care, which provides you with the fundamental knowledge and skills to respond efficiently in medical emergencies.

This course will educate you on patient assessment, managing conditions like cardiac arrest and asthma attacks, and other life-threatening emergency scenarios. By the end of this course, you will also be trained to use specialist equipment, such as oxygen therapy and automated external defibrillators (AEDs). 

The entry-level for this program is designed for those with NVQ Level 2 or 3 certification in Health or Social Care and those working in a pre-hospital environment. Yet, individuals can still join without any prior medical qualifications. [1]

As a seasoned healthcare professional, you must be adept in the fundamentals and practice of first aid. FREC-3 is essential for those employed on ambulances, active during any occurrence, or part of an emergency team. It allows you to take charge and provide life-saving medical attention.

At TrueMedic Ltd, you will be guided in the essentials of First Response Emergency Care by instructors with decades worth of experience. We strive to deliver a focused and effective learning experience with our flexible range of courses.

Our FREC-3 program is designed to bestow you with the potential to save lives through your newfound abilities and boost your confidence. Upon completing the course, you will receive a valid FREC 3 Certificate in First Response Emergency Care to prove your capabilities and help you stand out.

Learning And Assessment That You Will Receive In FREC 3

The course of FREC-3 provided by TrueMedic Ltd gives you access to the following learning and assessment components: [2]

1. Casualty Assessment

During this course, you will thoroughly understand how to examine and care for an individual. You’ll learn the fundamentals of patient assessment techniques, treatment protocols, and fundamental life-saving abilities such as CPR, choking, and recovery positioning methods.

2. Airway Management

In this module, you will learn about airway management, different auxiliary aids to help manage the airways, and throat-clearing tips. You will learn how to identify breathing problems as well as appropriate interventions.

3. FREC Provider Role

You’ll gain an understanding of the FREC provider role and how to handle a medical emergency promptly. From recognising signs of life-threatening conditions to responding swiftly with necessary treatment, this subject will equip you with the knowledge needed for successful scene management.

4. Catastrophic Bleeding

In cases where there is tissue trauma and bleeding, it can be a matter of life or death. In this course, you’ll acquire the fundamentals of trauma management, quickly detect signs of shock, and learn how to treat a patient with massive blood loss effectively.

5. Patient Moving and Handling

In this course, you will gain the proficiency to successfully and securely transport injured persons from one spot to another during an emergency. You’ll learn how best to use safety equipment for immobilisation purposes to avoid causing further harm or injury. With these newfound skills, you can provide a critical service at a moment’s notice!

6. Poisoning And Intoxicating Substances

Knowing when someone has been poisoned, or intoxicated can be difficult to ascertain in a moment of panic. The FREC-3 course is designed to help you understand the signs and symptoms and provide first aid management while in hazardous conditions. Mastering this knowledge not only gives you greater peace of mind but also prepares your skillset for times of emergency.

7. Communication Skills

In this module, you will sharpen your communication skills with patients and healthcare workers to provide optimal care. Additionally, you’ll discover how to anticipate patient needs in emergency scenarios or before they occur so that you can be prepared for whatever challenge comes your way during the response period. [3]

Get Certified with First Response Emergency Care Level 3 Course in the UK With TrueMedic Ltd

At TrueMedic Ltd, we comprehend the significance of having a competent and officially approved first-response team. That’s why our FREC courses offer an extensive range of training for emergency care personnel.

Unlike an apprenticeship, the FREC pathway is a far more practical way to earn your certification. You could save nearly twelve months by selecting this path. If you are still determining whether or not getting certified will improve your finances, calculate how much additional money you would generate in a year as a qualified employee and decide accordingly.

This 5-day, classroom-based course is mandatory for all students and leads to a Level 3 First Response Emergency Care certification from Qualsafe. Your certificate will be issued shortly after completing your FREC 3 level qualification; however, if you wish to obtain your FREC 4 level qualification, 118 learning hours must be completed before booking this course.

You can quickly complete these hours by working at events (which we can help set you up with through a private ambulance company) and doing additional studying like reading or taking online courses. You can count your shift hours towards the total if you are already employed as a medical provider.

Offering a comprehensive FREC-3 Course, TrueMedic Ltd promises an engaging week (5 days) of face-to-face learning for just £450 per person. All individuals aged 17 and above are welcome to join; for more details on the upcoming courses, please refer to our website or call us at 07732321712. Our knowledgeable trainers are eager to answer any of your questions or concerns.


1. Can you become a paramedic with first aid Level 3?

Level 3 first aid is the first steps towards becoming Paramedic (Level 6 qualification). Upon successful completion, you will be eligible to pursue courses leading to practice a paramedicine.

2. How long is the frec3 course?

Completing the FREC 3 course requires participation in three mandatory units with a total duration of 35 hours (not including breaks). Additionally, we recommend you undertake an additional 118 hours after completing your 5-day onsite training.

3. Can you fail a Frec 3 course?

Yes you can, however we will support you in every way possible for you to succeed. You must pass all written and practical assessments to receive the qualification. 

4. What are the entry requirements for Frec 3?

All participants must be at least 17 on the commencement day to enroll in this course. Although there are no other set requirements to enter, we suggest that learners have a literacy and numeracy level of 2 or higher for optimal learning progress.


[1] https://www.firstresponsefirstaid.co.uk/first-aid-courses/?gclid=CjwKCAiAxvGfBhB-EiwAMPakqtNMrPCyM_tB3-sUPfyLj-8nIxWGLlt0Fy-aE7RVrQPXcL07_mS1AhoC-k0QAvD_BwE



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