How Can FREC 3 Course Benefit Emergency Medical Professionals?

Emergency medical professionals are the first responders to medical emergencies. They are responsible for assessing and stabilizing patients to facilitate timely transfer to a more appropriate level of care. To do this effectively, they must have an up-to-date knowledge base and skillset to make fast and accurate decisions in the field. 

FREC 3 is a comprehensive course designed specifically for emergency medical professionals that allows them to build on their existing knowledge and hone their skills.

If you decide to enrol in this course, you will be furnished with vital information and abilities that could help save a life during an emergency. Our FREC 3 program includes the essentials of anatomy and physiology, CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation), shock handling strategies, medical incident command systems procedures, and much more. [1]

With the extensive training available in this course, medical professionals will be able to provide the best possible treatment for their patients.

At TrueMedic Ltd, we are committed to ensuring you have the confidence and expertise necessary to act swiftly in the case of a medical emergency. This blog post will outline the benefits of our FREC 3 course and why emergency medical professionals need to stay up-to-date with their skills.

FREC 3 Course | What Is It For?

Whether you have prior medical training or not, this entry point is the perfect way to gain skills as a pre-hospital emergency care provider. It encompasses event security, close protection, and maritime security, all recognized by the Security Industries Authority (SIA). FPOS-I upskilling will allow you to deal with patients when needed. [2]

This course will equip emergency medical professionals with the skills and knowledge to assess patients competently and treat cardiac arrest, asthma attacks, and other serious emergencies. With this training comes expertise in handling specialist equipment such as AEDs (automated external defibrillators) and oxygen therapy machinery, ensuring you are well-prepared for any situation.

As an emergency medical professional, you must master the basics of first aid and hone your craft. FREC-3 is indispensable for any ambulance personnel, those who are engaged in rescue operations or part of a crisis team. This training will empower you to take action when necessary and provide life-saving assistance.

At TrueMedic Ltd, we proudly offer clients a comprehensive selection of First Response Emergency Care FREC courses guided by experienced instructors. We guarantee an energetic and practical learning experience that will leave you confident in your newly acquired skills.

Course Content Of FREC 3 That Will Benefit Emergency Medical Professionals

TrueMedic Ltd is proud to offer our clients the FREC 3 course, tailored specifically for emergency medical professionals. Here are some of the topics and skills you can expect to cover in this training program: [3]

1. Casualty Assessment

As a medical professional, this course promises to equip you with an all-encompassing understanding of assessing and providing patient care. During your studies, you will cover the essentials regarding patient assessment methods, treatment plans, and essential life-saving techniques like CPR, choking first aid, and recovery positioning.

2. Airway Management

Emergent medical personnel will gain a comprehensive understanding of airway management, various resources to help manage the passageways, and throat-clearing tactics in this module. You will acquire the tools necessary for successful outcomes, from recognizing respiratory distress to appropriate interventions.

3. FREC Provider Role

With this course, medical professionals will comprehensively understand the FREC Provider role and how to manage medical emergencies effectively. You’ll learn to recognize signs of life-threatening conditions and react quickly with necessary treatment for successful scene management. This subject matter is essential for anyone wanting to be prepared for emergencies.

4. Catastrophic Bleeding

Knowing how to treat a patient with extensive tissue trauma and bleeding is life-saving. Take this course, and you’ll gain the core principles of treating traumatic injuries, swiftly identifying signs of shock in patients, and mastering effective strategies for managing large-scale blood loss.

5. Universal Precautions

For emergency medical professionals, controlling any potential sources of infection is crucial. This module will help you understand the basics of universal precautions to protect patients and personnel from dangerous pathogens.

6. Dynamic Risk Assessment

Dynamic risk assessment is an essential skill for medical professionals. This course will thoroughly understand the dynamics and preparation needed to identify, assess and manage potential risks during medical emergencies.

7. Patient Moving and Handling

With this course, you will learn to rapidly and securely move those in need from one spot to another during an emergency. You’ll master how best to use safety gear for immobilization to prevent extra injury or harm. These newfound abilities empower you to offer a critical service when needed!

8. Poisoning And Intoxicating Substances

Emergency medical personnel must know how best to assist patients with poison or intoxicating substances. This module teaches you the basics of identifying signs and symptoms, safety measures to take during management, and essential treatments for successful outcomes.

9. Trauma Dressing

Responding rapidly and effectively in situations involving severe trauma is a vital skill. In this module, emergency medical professionals will gain an understanding of how to recognize various wound types, choose the suitable dressings for each case and apply them skilfully.

10. Communication Skills

With this module, you, as an emergency medical professional, will hone your communication and interaction with patients and healthcare professionals to offer the best care possible. Moreover, you’ll learn to recognize patient needs before an emergency or before it occurs to meet any challenge while responding on the spot swiftly.

How TrueMedic Ltd Aids Emergency Medical Professionals To Uphold High Standards Of Care And Compassion

TrueMedic Ltd offers required courses that train emergency medical professionals to uphold high standards of care and compassion. Our courses are designed for healthcare professionals, first responders, paramedics, and other personnel interested in providing the highest quality of care in urgent situations.

The FREC pathway offers a much more efficient way to become certified than an apprenticeship. You can save yourself twelve months if you choose this route! If you still need to be confident that getting certified will boost your wallet, tally up how much additional money you would make as a qualified employee in one year and take it from there.

This 5-day, classroom-based course is a requirement for all emergency medical professionals and provides them with their Level 3 First Response Emergency Care certification from Qualsafe. Upon successful completion, your certificate will be issued within days; however, if you wish to gain the FREC 4 level qualification knowledge, 118 hours of learning must be completed before registering for this course.

You can meet these hours quickly by helping out at events (which we will aid you in connecting to a confidential ambulance provider) and supplementing your education through reading books or online courses. If you’re already employed as a medical expert, the hours from your shift may count towards reaching the required total.

TrueMedic Ltd is proud to provide an unforgettable one-week (5 days) FREC-3 Course experience, all at the discounted rate of just £450 per person. Open to everyone 17 years and older, and our knowledgeable trainers are excited to answer any queries. If you are interested in enrolling for the upcoming course, please visit our website or call us at 07732321712 for further information; we look forward to welcoming you.


1. What can you do with a Frec 3 qualification?

The Level 3 Certificate in First Response Emergency Care (FREC) is a regulated and nationally recognized qualification specifically designed for those seeking a career in the emergency services, ambulance service, the event and security medical sector, or those working in high-risk workplaces.

2. Is Frec 3 a medic?

Unlock the door to becoming a paramedic with First Response Emergency Care (FREC 3)! This is just part of an expansive set of qualifications that will open up your pathway to success. Move through each level in succession until you acquire your diploma in Paramedic Practice at Level 6, and become certified as a professional in no time.

3. What is Frec Level 3 equivalent to?

A FREC 3 is the same as a Trainee Associate Ambulance Practitioner and a Trainee Emergency Care Support Worker.

4. Does Frec 3 expire?

The FREC 3 qualification is valid for three years, and you must retake the qualification before the certificate expires to stay qualified. This requalification training includes a refresher course which consists of 21 hours (3 days).






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